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Ok, so if you book me to shoot your wedding, I have to tell you first… I might cry at your ceremony. Despite my best efforts not to, I have welled up several times… ok, lots of times. Sometimes after waiting years to find each other, a couple’s love is just so tangible and so infecting, I can’t help it. And I might laugh aloud during the toasts. We will spend a lot of time together that day, and in the process getting to know your families and friends. Sometimes their joy is so dynamic and so inclusive, I can’t help it. But I shoot with my heart, so if you are one of those couples, I want to shoot your wedding. I want to be there.

This applies similarly to my portrait photography. I make little distinction between work and play, and am always doing both in the pursuit of creativity. Your photography should be enjoyable, effortless, and should feel genuine. There are no formulas, just real, authentic images. I believe strongly in collaboration. The creative process should be fun and engender community. That type of energy and openness is what yields great work. That type of liveliness is what fuses work and play.

Working for years in journalism and advertising, I now take pride in providing my clients with creative personal service, in a relaxed, fun environment. I specialize in storytelling, combining both photojournalism and editorial portraiture. These images are a part of your story - a story that is built on moments and will live on in memory long after the day is over. My goal is to capture those defining moments… and the spontaneous moments between the moments that add color. Images that artistically illustrate the exceptionalities and commonalities of life’s emotion are what I believe is ultimately worth documenting, worth remembering and worth sharing.

STREET CRED: Stephanie began her career as photojournalist and writer at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Dallas Fort-Worth Star. Her fine art and personal work has been published on the cover of Photographer's Forum Magazine, and inside various other anthologies and publications. She has exhibited in solo art shows, group exhibitions, and auctions in Chicago, Milwaukee and Dallas. In addition to photography, Stephanie will make her documentary debut as cinematographer and co-director/producer on the film "Lion in the Street." She is also a member of the American Child Photographers Charity Guild(ACPCG).