artist statement

Victorian Homes

The lavish and flamboyant architectural style of the Victorian era begs and taunts the viewer to come look inside an old and forbidden treasure. These expansive and expressive buildings with stained glass, turrets, ornamental spindles are expensive and difficult to maintain and are falling from favor quickly, belonging mostly to wealthy families.

With this series I tried to capture the striking asymmetrical style and sloping lines in each structure while illustrating a feeling of anxiety of not being able to approach the beautiful and curious building. In the foreground of each image is an obstruction to the focus, a fence or shrubbery or even a dark shadow standing between you and the “lady.”

Of all the Victorian house styles, Queen Anne is the most elaborate and the most eccentric. Fanciful and flamboyant, Queen Anne architecture takes on many shapes. Some Queen Anne houses are lavishly decorated. Others are restrained in their embellishments. Yet the flashy "painted ladies" of San Francisco and the refined brownstones of Brooklyn share many of the same features, including a steeply pitched and irregular shaped roof and an overall asymmetrical shape.

You will see designated three types Queen Anne homes in this series: Spindled, Free Classic and Patterned Masonry. As the viewer, I hope you are as drawn to romance of these subjects as I am.