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The full-length documentary movie has a cinema verité style that will take audiences into the heart and viewpoint of one of the world’s most compelling photographers.

In 1981, a motorcycle wreck paralyzed Chicago native David Farber's legs and left arm when he was still in his 20s. Years later, the lover of raptors, wolves, and all “critters” became the first photographer to access the Alaskan wilderness in an electric wheelchair, capturing bold images of grizzly bears.

Rooted firmly in the present, Lion in the Street chronicles the evolution of risk - both physical and emotional - in the unfolding journey of David's life. We enter the story in 2006 with his grizzly reunion, then follow David into Canada’s sub-Arctic as he breaks further ground photographing polar bears in the wild.

Audiences will be compelled by this man who is as fiery as he is vulnerable. David's life is at times dark, other times light, and often grey as he grapples with trust, love, and his life-long ache to photograph wild animals versus his dependence on caregivers and medical machinery.

The story resonates because it subtly prompts viewers to question their personal truths as they become engrossed by David's unique journey. Do I continue to take chances on others and myself, and how do I decide in the end whether those risks were worth it?

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